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​Bob ​Perkaus ​5K ​Memorial Run

The ​Sauganash ​Community ​Association ​invites ​you ​to ​participate ​in ​our ​annual ​Bob ​Perkaus ​5K ​event. ​ ​
Bob ​Perkaus ​III ​for ​whom ​the ​race ​is ​named, ​was ​a ​life-long ​Sauganash ​resident ​until ​his ​death ​from ​an ​aortic ​aneurysm ​in ​2005.

For ​two ​decades ​he ​was ​an ​active ​member ​of ​the ​Sauganash ​Community ​Association ​and ​he ​spent ​several ​years ​as ​its ​president. ​Dedicated ​to ​family ​and ​community, ​his ​passion ​was ​running. ​He ​jogged ​the ​streets ​of ​the ​Sauganash ​neighborhood ​daily, ​while ​training ​for ​marathons ​in ​Boston, ​Chicago ​and ​L.A. ​Thus, ​it ​is ​fitting ​that ​this ​Sauganash ​Community's ​annual ​Fall ​event ​- ​the ​Sauganash ​Community ​Association ​Bob ​Perkaus ​5K ​Memorial ​- ​travels ​these ​same ​streets. ​This ​event ​honors ​Bob's ​life ​and ​legacy. ​ ​

A ​special ​thanks ​to ​our ​Platinum ​& ​Gold ​Event ​Sponsors:

O'Tech ​Corporation ​ ​
Queen ​of ​All ​Saints ​Basilica
Phil ​Stefani ​Signature ​Restaurants ​& ​Events
Precision ​Plating ​Company, ​Inc.
The Healy Law Firm

The Healy Law Firm was a sponsor in the below run as well.


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