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Self-driving cars part II: The problems

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about self-driving cars, which many believe will be the eventual future of transportation. General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Audi and Volvo are all working on their own versions of fully automated vehicles, as are other forward-thinking companies like Google. Many in the auto industry believe self-driving cars could be in widespread production within the next 10 years.

Chicago nursing homes should learn from recent disease outbreak

A disease outbreak has caught not only the attention of Chicago, Illinois, residents, but those throughout the entire country, as well. The outbreak, which has been traced to a nursing home in Alabama, has left one person dead and more than a dozen others infected. Legionnaires' disease, a fatal type of pneumonia caused by a bacterial infection, was confirmed by health officials as the cause of the fatality.

Self-driving cars part I: The possibilities

Ever since its invention about 130 years ago, the automobile has continued to evolve in ways that improve the safety, reliability and comfort of the driving experience. Some innovations are simple; others complex. But thus far, automakers have not been able to produce a commercially available vehicle that fulfills the ultimate science fiction fantasy: full automation.

When parents get involved, teens less likely to drive drunk

Graduated licensing laws exist at some level in pretty much every state, including Illinois. Some states include less restrictive guidelines such as obtaining a permit and then driving on a temporary license for a year prior to obtaining an adult license. In other cases, added limitations such as driving curfews and passenger maximums may be included in the laws.

NHTSA focuses on teen drivers with '5 To Drive' campaign

In light of the distracted driving epidemic that now plagues U.S. roads, safety advocates are focusing even more on the importance of educating teen drivers on how to make good decisions behind the wheel. Teens are certainly not the only motorists who text or use cellphones while driving, but their connection to technology and inexperience behind the wheel makes them more likely to drive distracted and to cause a car accident as a result.

3 people killed in crash with garbage truck in Chicago suburb

When most people think of truck accidents, they picture a giant tractor-trailer rolling down the highway with an inattentive or drowsy driver behind the wheel. While these types of truck accidents are all too common on Illinois roads and highways, there are also large-vehicle crashes that occur frequently on city streets in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

Chicago nursing home patient dies after shirt catches fire

Chicago nursing homes can be rather expensive. However, for residents who wish to have the best care possible for their loved ones, the expense is a small price to pay. Sadly, some nursing homes do not live up to the desirable standards they are paid for.

Study: Men more likely to think they can handle texting & driving

Despite Illinois laws that ban texting while driving, it is still a pervasive problem here in Chicago and across the state. It has already been well established that distracted driving is dangerous. Therefore, newer studies are focusing more on the motivations behind distracted driving and who is most likely to practice such behaviors behind the wheel.

Motorists at risk as shutdown impacts NHTSA recall operations

The recent federal government shutdown has affected some Americans dramatically and others in very minor ways. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that every American who travels by motor vehicle is at an elevated risk of accidents as a direct result of the gridlock in Congress.

Harvest time can lead to Illinois work-related deaths

Chicago residents may often associate work-related injuries and deaths with construction accidents. Some of the most common types of construction accidents are results of unsafe ladders and scaffolding, dangerous tools, defective roof structures and collapsing trenches. A construction worker may suffer from debilitating injuries that can lead to a fatality. Chicago work-related deaths often stem from construction-related accidents. As the harvest season approaches, however, readers may notice farm-related injuries and deaths occurring.

First personal injury suit filed over last week's CTA train crash

Last week, we wrote about the bizarre accident involving two Chicago Transit Authority trains. Some 33 people aboard a stationary train were injured when an apparently unmanned second train (also operated by the CTA) crashed into it.

Horrific bus accident kills 8 and injures dozens more

It has been a dangerous and deadly week for transportation accidents in the U.S. Earlier this week, we wrote about the Chicago train accident involving an unoccupied, four-car train that somehow ran the wrong way down the tracks and collided with another train stopped at a station. Thankfully, no one was killed during that incident, but many people suffered at least minor injuries.

​Bob ​Perkaus ​5K ​Memorial Run

The ​Sauganash ​Community ​Association ​invites ​you ​to ​participate ​in ​our ​annual ​Bob ​Perkaus ​5K ​event. ​ ​
Bob ​Perkaus ​III ​for ​whom ​the ​race ​is ​named, ​was ​a ​life-long ​Sauganash ​resident ​until ​his ​death ​from ​an ​aortic ​aneurysm ​in ​2005.

Product recalls for consumer safety: an advisory for Illinoisans

In Cook County, Illinois, consumers always check if the product is safe before buying it. However, some products slip through the market and into the homes of the consumers. Some of the most common forms of product defects are found in toys. Toxic exposure often happens with children who play with defective toys, which can lead to serious illness and even death. In some instances, appliances as well as automotive products are found to be defective. If this happens, manufacturers often initiate product recalls for the safety of the public.

Officials struggling to explain CTA train accident near Chicago

Those who regularly rely on the Chicago Transit Authority to get them where they're going know that while service is usually reliable, problems can and do arise. We recently wrote about the bus passenger who spotted a CTA bus driver taking both hands off the wheel in order to eat some ice cream.

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