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July 2013 Archives

Labor Department reminds workers about the risks of heat illness

With summer upon us, residents of Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, are constantly feeling the oppressive heat. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's online site, the dry, hot weather raises the risk of fires. This weather raises another issue that residents and workers need to be cautious of: heat illness.

When is a car accident more than just an accident?

As one of America's most prominent cities, Chicago sees more than its share of traffic collisions and the injuries that accompany them. Each year, countless Chicago residents are injured or killed in preventable car accidents and pedestrian accidents.

Illinois Governor signs new law to further elder abuse protection

Often, the elderly are subjected to exploitation and abuse, especially when they are no longer able to fend for themselves. However, a new law signed by the Governor of Illinois gives the elderly extra protection against such maltreatment with the goal of preventing Illinois elder abuse.

Police: Driver fled after fatal motorcycle accident in Maywood

A woman has been charged in connection with a fatal motorcycle accident in Maywood. The collision took the life of a young man from Bellwood, and police say the woman fled the scene. She later turned herself in, reportedly after hearing that police were looking for her.

Illinois cooperates with OSHA to curb grain bin accidents, deaths

While it may seem morbidly comical to be engulfed by hundreds of pounds of grain, it actually does happen in real life and can cause injuries and death. The state of Illinois is well-aware of this and is taking an active role in the Occupational Safety & Health Administration's campaign to focus on grain bin safety.

CTA bus driver cut out of wreckage after dump truck collision

A serious collision occurred recently between a CTA bus and a dump truck on the South Side. Two other vehicles were also involved, and several people were injured. The only people on the bus at the time of the collision were the driver and another CTA employee. They and the driver of the dump truck were taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center. All parties were said to be in serious-to-critical condition.

Runaway train ends in explosion, at least 13 killed

A tragic runaway train accident in Canada this month has brought back memories of the June 2009 freight-train derailment that occured in Cherry Valley.  That's because, like the Cherry Valley accident, this recent train accient not only claimed the lives of least 13 people but damages could have been reduced had the train operators used safer, more durable transportation containers.

Unclean endoscopes may lead to Chicago medical malpractice

A recent study, presented at an annual meeting of the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology, has yielded a disturbing fact: 15 percent of endoscopes are not properly cleaned before being used on patients. This could lead to patients receiving infectious diseases, and health care practitioners may be vulnerable to a Chicago medical malpractice lawsuit.

Illinois ranks 34th in overall highway infrastructure

There are different "hot topics" in every realm of public debate. When it comes to the world of traffic, infrastructure is a current issue. There many people that support and oppose the theory that the highway infrastructure in the United States is in dire need of attentive repair, that it is crumbling. 

Illinois teen killed in road-racing car accident

Traffic can make it extremely difficult for motorists to get around in Illinois. The lengthy delays often make it necessary for drivers to plan extra time to get to their destinations. They know they need to remain alert while behind the wheel, because an accident will only add to the delays that they may experience.

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