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Illinois truck driver killed in explosive truck accident

Because of their sheer size and weight, truck accidents are often devastating regardless of the load the truck is carrying. But when a truck carrying volatile or hazardous materials is involved in a crash, the scene can quickly become a disaster.

Chicago nursing home neglect results in award to plaintiff

The untimely and wrongful death of an elderly loved one due to negligent care is painful and very frustrating. Chicago nursing home neglect is a reality faced by many seniors. Sadly, many facilities continue to fail to provide much needed medical care, which has caused the number of wrongful death lawsuits to increase every year.

New study confirms that caffeine can reduce truck accident risks

Last week, we wrote about the controversial changes to the trucking industry's hours-of-service rules that are set to go into effect this summer. While many professional truck drivers oppose changes that mandate more rest breaks and put limits on consecutive driving hours, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recognizes that the HOS rules need to be changed in order to better prevent truck driver fatigue and related truck accidents.

Trucking groups challenge new hours-of-service rules in court

In 2011, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration drafted changes to the rules governing when commercial truck drivers can drive and when they are required to take legally mandated rest breaks. These are commonly called the hours-of-service rules.

Chicago cop kills two drivers in fatal drunk driving crash

The public holds police officers in high regard. As such, we expect that they will act in the interest of public safety at all times, even while off duty. Recently, however, Chicago residents were horrified to hear about a fatal drunk driving accident caused by Chicago police officer who was driving the wrong direction down Lake Shore Drive.

Popular hip replacement brand recalled for clinical reasons

Hip replacement products and the required accompanying surgery have become quite common among older adults who still want normal and active lifestyles. Unfortunately, a manufacturer of a popular prosthetic hip is in the middle of a legal battle because of their line of hip surgery products.

Driver who killed 5 in truck crash receives short sentence: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about a truck driver who was recently sentenced to less than five years in prison for causing a crash that killed five people and injured nine others. Investigators believe that the 48-year-old truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel; evidenced by the fact that he didn't even slow down before slamming his 18-wheeler into a line of stopped vehicles on the highway.

Driver who killed 5 in truck crash receives short sentence: Part I

We have previously written that when a negligent driver takes the lives of other motorists on the road, criminal justice alone is often insufficient. Families who have lost their loved ones deserve more closure and more compensation from the at-fault driver than a criminal sentence can provide.

Edwardsville nursing home goes on trial

An Edwardsville nursing home faces a lawsuit from the relative of a facility resident who died in the home's care in 2006. The suit alleges violations of the state's Nursing Home Care Act and that nursing home neglect was the true cause of the elderly's woman's death. A similar suit a year earlier had been dismissed when a judge declared a mistrial.

Chicago drunk driver arrested after causing fatal crash on I-80

Drunk driving remains one of most reckless and selfish decisions an individual can make. By choosing to get behind the wheel, drunk drivers show that they have no regard for the lives or safety of others on the road, and car accidents involving drunk drivers are often fatal to the law-abiding motorists involved.

Trucking company in fatal crash has history of traffic violations

Trucking companies are the lifeblood of shipping in the contiguous United States. It ultimately doesn't matter where a particular company is located, because its drivers may travel across the entire country.

Misdiagnoses a common issue in Chicago and throughout U.S.

Scientific technology, including technology in the medical field, has improved dramatically in the last decade. With advances in equipment, it is unfortunate that there are still several cases of Chicago medical malpractice and incidents involving bad prescriptions, incorrect medical procedures and medical misdiagnoses.

Can you multitask safely behind the wheel? Study says think again

In previous posts, we have written many times about the growing problem of distracted driving, both here in Chicago and around the nation. Despite the widespread public knowledge that texting and other distracted driving behaviors significantly increase the chances of a car accident, a growing number of Americans are giving into distractions behind the wheel.

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