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Watch out for dangerous drunk drivers on Super Bowl weekend

For many Chicago residents, this Sunday will be devoted entirely to watching the Super Bowl and related coverage. Regardless of whether you watch it at a bar with friends or at a home party, chances are good that alcohol will be served.

Nursing home abuse claims life of resident

Illinois residents may be aware of cases involving nursing home neglect. These cases are particularly disturbing as they relate to the elderly of society. Any neglect or abuse of the already frail and ailing victims may prove fatal. A recent case of Illinois elder abuse came to light when a living facility with a branch in Illinois was found to be negligent with a resident.

Illinois woman sentenced to seven years for fatal car crash

This month, a 48-year-old Aurora woman received a seven-year prison sentence for her role in a 2009 car crash that took the life of a 54-year-old man. Authorities say the woman has been free on bond since 2010; she was scheduled to begin serving her time on Jan. 30.

73 year old Illinois woman killed in pedestrian truck accident

Illinois residents often walk the streets assuming they will safely reach their destination. Most drivers and pedestrians also assume that the other is taking extra care to avoid potential accidents. However, sometimes misjudgment is made resulting in an accident. Unfortunately, most pedestrian accidents lead to fatal injuries.

OSHA investigates work-related death of Illinois truck driver

Chicago readers may assume that work-related accidents take place mostly on construction sites. This may be true; however, other types of workplaces are not exempted from workplace accidents. Workplace accidents may come from trench collapse, dangerous tools or falls from heights. Other dangerous conditions and circumstances may also occur that may comparatively injure an employee.

Highway crash fatalities down in Illinois in last half of 2012

We've covered many fatal accidents in the Chicago area on our wrongful death blog. To our readers, and others who keep up with local news, it may seem like fatal accidents happen frequently in our region. And while it's certainly true that there are far too many deaths related to fatal motor vehicle accidents, a recent report from the Chicago Tribune shows that the number of fatal highway crashes actually declined in the last six months of 2012.

Sleep-medicine dosages increase risk of car and truck accidents

We have all felt drowsy behind the wheel at one point or another, especially when traveling late at night or driving for hours at a stretch. But for long-haul truckers and other commercial motorists, drowsy driving is often a daily reality.

Nursing home deaths lead to lawsuit in Illinois

Chicago readers may know that nursing homes are built for older people and other patients who need extra supervision and assistance. These facilities should guarantee that their residents are properly cared for. Nursing homes should also provide and maintain a positive environment for the benefit of their patients. However, these facilities become a subject of scrutiny whenever elder abuse, nursing home neglect or even death occurs.

Wheeling crash leaves 1 woman dead

A recent car crash took the life of a woman in nearby Wheeling. The accident happened around 11:30 p.m. The woman was reportedly traveling westbound when she collided with a semitrailer that was attempting to make a left turn. The woman died at the hospital about an hour after the crash. The truck driver did not sustain injuries in the crash.

Distraction, fatigue, bad brakes caused fatal truck-train accident

In the wake of a fatal accident, it can take time to discern the accident's cause or causes. Most of the time, however, the answer is tragically predictable. For example, the National Transportation Safety Board recently released the results of their investigation into a fatal accident that took more than a year to complete.

Wife of Illinois Trooper sues trucking company after fatal crash

When you drive down the highways of Illinois and you see a car stopped on the shoulder, do you slow down and move to the opposite lane? How about when you see an Illinois State Trooper stopped on the side of the road?

CDC study: drowsy driving and fatal car accidents on the rise

Government and industry statistics state that anywhere from 3 percent to 33 percent of fatal car accidents are caused by drowsy drivers. And Chicago drivers may be interested in a new Center for Disease Control study that found that 1 in 24 adult drivers in the U.S. said they had recently fell asleep while driving. That statistic alone is enough to give anyone nightmares, but when you add other statistics, including distracted driving and drunk driver-related car accidents, traveling on our nation's highways can be downright deadly.

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