Birth injuries in Chicago could result in a wrongful death suit

Many expectant parents in Chicago assume that childbirth is much safer now than it has been in years past. Unfortunately, this does not erase any possibility of mistakes. In fact, infants in Chicago do pass away due to injuries sustained during the childbirth process, injuries that in some cases can be directly attributed to physician negligence.

What are some examples of birth injuries that could result in death? One such injury is oxygen deprivation. This can be especially deadly if the infant has yet to leave the womb. It is important for physicians and medical staff to monitor the infant, to ensure the infant is receiving an adequate amount of oxygen. For example, the umbilical cord could become entangled around the neck of the infant, causing oxygen deprivation. In addition, issues with the mother’s placenta or the stress of the delivery process could also result in oxygen deprivation. Oxygen deprivation is a deadly scenario.

Also, it is important for the infant to receive an adequate amount of blood flow so that the infant’s organs, including the infant’s brain, function properly. If the infant’s blood flow is obstructed or cut off, these vital organs may cease working, leading to death. Again, proper management is essential; reduced blood flow could result from negligence on the part of the medical staff.

A problematic delivery could result in traumatic injuries that cause an infant’s death. While the use of a vacuum extractor or forceps is sometimes needed, it is possible to wield these instruments negligently, resulting in the infant’s death. Poor decision making in an emergency situation can also result in the infant’s death.

These are only some types of birth injuries that could result in the wrongful death of the infant–unfortunately there are many others. In the end, patients should be able to rely on medical staff to react appropriately to any type of situation. Sometimes proper monitoring is necessary, while other times decisive action needs to be taken. Nevertheless, otherwise preventable mistakes do occur. When they do and result in a fatality, the victim’s family needs to be aware that they may be able in some circumstances to seek compensation for the losses they suffered. A Chicago medical malpractice attorney may be a good source of information for birth injuries resulting in a wrongful death.

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