2 factors that make someone a risky driver

With the number of car accidents occurring in Chicago increasing, you may feel concern over the risky behaviors of others behind the wheel. Even those with a good driving record who are in the habit of obeying the speed limit may still be putting others in danger.

Take few moments of your time to review the following information on risky drivers.

1. Distractions

If a driver likes to read and send texts, talk on the phone, scroll through a playlist, or use a cellphone or vehicle’s infotainment center to help stay awake while driving, he or she is risking your safety. These actions may relieve boredom or fatigue, but they cause dangerous inattentiveness to the surrounding traffic. The less time a driver’s hands are on the steering wheel, and the more his or her thoughts and eyes are not on the roads, the higher the chances of crashing into your vehicle. Often, drivers who are looking at an electronic device hit other vehicles or obstacles going at full speed.

2. Drowsiness

When a person is exhausted, the main motivation may be getting home and to bed. However, getting behind the wheel in that state is extremely dangerous. Studies show that drowsiness impairs judgment and reaction time in a way similar to alcohol. No matter how far people may need to travel, they should never drive while they are not fully rested. If a person nods off at the wheel, there is no chance to respond to a traffic situation.

Drivers should be proactive in preventing traffic accidents by putting away distractions and finding an alternative way to get home when exhausted. Once a motorist causes a collision, it may be too late. If you are the victim of a distracted or drowsy driver, you may have sustained serious, life-altering injuries. These factors may affect how much compensation a judge may award you. An attorney can help build your case so you can put all your energy toward recovery.