How to keep pool waters clean during Illinois summers

There are several steps pool owners can take to keep their waters free of infections, germs and the like.

Summertime is here, which means residents of Illinois will flock to public and private swimming pools. With both types, it is essential to take steps to keep waters clean and free of infections, germs and anything else that might make swimmers sick, which can result in legal action. Take some time to learn preventative measures so everyone enjoys staying cool and having fun in the pool during the hottest months of the year.

Rely on chlorine and pH
Chlorine and pH are two standards when it comes to keeping pools clean, and for good reason. While chlorine is effective when it comes to killing germs, you also want to pair it with well-balanced pH levels; nothing that is too high, which is not as effective at killing germs, or too low, which results in corroded and broken down pool and hot tub pipes. Be sure to test your chlorine and pH levels with test strips from a home improvement store at least twice a day while your pool or hot tub is in use.

Make sure guests shower before they swim
While it might seem a bit silly to have your guests shower before heading into the pool, having them do so ensures they do not bring dirt, makeup and anything else on their skin into the pool where it can dirty up the waters. Something else to think about is the fact that having guests shower before swimming can help keep chlorine concentrations high.

Ensure guests are in good physical health before they swim
It is often uncomfortable to do so, but ask your guests if they have had any gastrointestinal problems recently before they take a dip in the pool. Conditions like diarrhea can create unique problems when it comes to keeping pools clean, mainly because the specific germ that causes diarrhea is actually resistant to the decontaminating effects of chlorine. Anyone who has recently had diarrhea should wait at least two weeks before plunging into the pool, just to be on the safe side and to keep others from getting sick while in your pool.

Guests should not urinate in the pool
Besides diarrhea, guests also should not urinate in your pool, no matter how amusing it might seem. Any urine present in pool water compromises the chlorine’s ability to keep the waters free of germs and bacteria. The presence of urine can also lead to a potential uptick in water-borne illnesses.

While there is much you can do to keep your Illinois pool waters clean and clear, there is no guarantee guests will not become sick as a result