Are concussions common in the winter?

Any head injury can be a scary and dangerous event for an Illinois resident. Most people understand the dangers that head injuries pose, which can include serious physical, emotional, and financial ramifications.

A concussion is a serious type of head injury that occurs after a significant blow to the head. Concussions can have long-term effects on the human brain. Concussions can have devastating effects on young people, in particularly. In some cases, concussions can even cause chemical change in a person’s brain. Therefore, it is important that people try to avoid head injuries, especially concussions, when involved in recreational activities.

Winter sports, however, can be extremely physical. In the wrong situations, head injuries can occur as people enjoy these sports. Such winter sports include skating and hockey. Both can lead to serious injuries if players do not take proper precautions.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is important that people understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion as well as the safety measures that can be taken to prevent them. For example, the CDC recommends that people only participate in these winter sports if they are using the proper protective equipment. This equipment should be well-maintained and should properly fit the person using it. Additionally, rough play should be discouraged during the sports.

Injuries from recreational activities can occur anytime of the year. When someone is injured while participating in a recreational activity, they may have a legal claim for damages suffered. In many cases, this compensation can be recovered if the negligence of another caused an accident. An attorney can give specific legal advice to Illinois residents when recreational injuries occur.