Woman dies due to nursing home mistakes

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is not a rare occurrence in this country. In a recent case, a nursing home was fined and cited after investigators found that staff mistakes resulted in a resident choking and dying.

Apparently, the staff of the nursing home gave the resident oral medication mixed with applesauce, and after taking it, the resident choked and died two days later. The healthcare center has been slapped with $75,000 fine, along with a Class AA citation, according to a recent report. It is said to be the most severe penalty under the laws of the state.

Reports say that the resident was a female. She was diagnosed with difficulty swallowing and was not supposed to be given oral medications. The nursing home’s violation caused the resident to choke, after which her oxygen levels dropped. Paramedics then intubated the female resident and transferred her to a hospital.

The resident died two days later at the hospital. Her death was attributed to aspiration pneumonia. Chicago nursing home neglect attorneys may agree that the mistakes made by the nursing home staff placed the resident’s life in imminent danger of death or serious harm and was the direct and proximate cause of her death.

There are sources that indicate that certain states in the nation have failed to properly investigate nursing home complaints effectively, with thousands of unresolved complaints still in their systems. The state audit systems need to be more proactive if such cases of nursing home deaths due to negligence can be avoided.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “L.A. nursing home fined, cited after death of resident“, Matt Stevens, Oct. 31, 2014.