What is cerebral palsy?

Families in Illinois eagerly await the arrival of a new baby throughout a woman’s pregnancy. A pregnancy can be an exciting time for families, friends and coworkers. However, this excitement can be laced with nerves. Having a child can be a dangerous and difficult medical procedure. While people hope that everything will go normally, a variety of serious complications can arise during childbirth.

When these complications occur, people trust that their doctors will quickly and appropriately respond to the problems. Sadly, this doesn’t always happen, and babies are hurt as a result. There are many serious types of birth injuries that can result from a doctor’s negligence. One type of birth injury is cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy can occur when a baby’s brain is injured during the child’s birth or shortly after. It is generally caused by a lack of oxygen to the child’s brain. As a result of this accident, a child can suffer from a variety of issues including problems with motor function and brain development.

There are many symptoms that can indicate that a child has cerebral palsy. They may not show up directly at birth. These symptoms include low muscle tone, floppiness and unusual posture. Other symptoms include delayed social and physical milestones, involuntary movements and problems with hearing or vision.

When a negligent doctor is responsible for causing a child’s cerebral palsy, there may be legal action that can be taken. Birth injuries and medical malpractice cases are very serious. Compensation may be available to families who have suffered because of the negligence of a doctor. In these cases, people should consider speaking with an experienced Illinois attorney for specific legal advice.