Two Illinois workers die in workplace accident

Illinois residents might agree that the death of a worker from a workplace accident is very traumatic for the family and friends of the accident victim. The family’s loss is first and foremost emotional, but the loss can have a huge financial impact as well. The financial difficulties may increase if the worker had to undergo medical treatment before dying due to injuries. The employer of the accident victim may have to pay the worker’s compensation to cover treatment of the injuries and other accident-related expenses in the event of a death on the work premises.

In a recent incident, one worker was killed on site and another was critically injured and died after arriving at the hospital. The accident occurred at an agricultural supplement plant when the two workers were cleaning a tanker, which was filled with carbon monoxide gas. The tanker was one of many on the line.

One of the workers, while opening the hatch, supposedly fell inside. He started to faint and the other worker came down to save him but could not escape the deadly gas. The other worker was taken to a hospital and he died there. Federal investigators are determining the cause of the construction accident.

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the accident and, according to one firefighter, the tanker contained a corn-based substance. The firefighter stated that he would investigate the construction accident.

Once the cause of the accident is established, the family members of the worker may wish to pursue a civil claim for compensation. Getting the right information about Chicago work-related deaths can be crucial if this is the path the family members of the victims take.

Source: Peoria Journal Star, “Two workers killed Tuesday in industrial accident at Agridyne in Pekin,” Michael Smothers, June 24, 2014