Toddler drowns in swimming pool in Illinois

Illinois residents often look forward to spending time in swimming pools in order to have fun with their friends and families and to cool off during hot summer days. However, swimming pools can be very dangerous if swimming pool owners and public pool owners are not vigilant about the maintenance of the pools. Since a lot of children also use swimming pools, maintaining such pools has become especially important because they can be extremely dangerous for young children and toddlers.

A 1-year-old boy from Aurora died recently when he drowned in his own family’s swimming pool. The toddler’s 6-year-old sister allegedly found her brother floating in the family’s pool late in the evening. All efforts were made to revive the boy, but he unfortunately died. Every attempt by authorities, including the fire department and paramedics, could not save the child, even after administering CPR.

The police conducted a preliminary investigation that revealed that the toddler died due to the swimming pool accident. It was revealed that after the parents returned home with the toddler after a trip to the grocery store, the toddler, unnoticed by any family member, walked into the pool and drowned. Although the coroner’s autopsy is still underway, the death has been ruled an accident by police.

Not following safety precautions in the home, especially in dangerous areas like a swimming pool, can often attract various legal consequences. In cases where the person who has suffered a swimming pool accident can prove negligence on the part of the pool owner, the victim may be able to recover compensation.

Source:, “Aurora toddler drowns in pool,” Scott Viau, July 25, 2015