What to do if you’ve been injured by a recalled product.

This blog overviewed the product recall process in a previous post. One of the important takeaways from that post was that a product recall action does not mean that a person affected by the Illinois defective product is going to get compensation, other than perhaps a replacement product, a refund or a free repair of the product. On the other hand, just because a product is not subject to a recall does not mean the product is safe.

Product recalls are in fact one means of ensuring consumer safety from unscrupulous or just careless product developers and manufacturers who put a dangerous product on the market. Another means of holding such parties accountable is via a product liability lawsuit. The advantage to a lawsuit is that the manufacturer can actually be required to pay victims necessary expenses like medical bills and lost income, along with noneconomic damages like pain and suffering.

There are lots of different products that can prove dangerous to Illinois consumers. In general, there is always pressure on even honest manufacturers to get new and better products on the market so that their companies can continue to be profitable. The downside to that is, along with that pressure, there is a tendency to rush design and manufacturing, making dangerous product defects more likely.

What this means, specifically, is that any kind of product, from batteries to seemingly harmless things like clothing and bath soap, may be defective and, potentially, cause permanent injuries to someone. When this happens, the victim can pursue legal options in order to get compensation. Our law office has been providing Illinois victims with the means of doing so for years.