The dangerous traits of semitrucks

Obeying all traffic laws can significantly reduce the risk of getting into an accident with another passenger vehicle. However, basic safety standards are not enough to prevent severely damaging accidents with semitrucks in Chicago.

These large commercial vehicles require additional precautions to ensure your safety around big rigs on the road. These are just a few of their hazardous traits you should be aware of.

Wide right turns

Because of their long, rigid trailers, semis need lots of room to turn, especially when going right. If you try to turn at the same time, the trailer will strike your small vehicle. Always watch for turn signals to know where a truck is going so you can let it go first and avoid a collision.

Large blind spots

The height and length of semis make them very difficult to see around, even with mirrors. They have large blind spots known as the No-Zone area that covers the front and back of the truck and diagonal spaces on each side. Stay clear of these places and make sure you can see the driver’s face in the semi’s side-view mirror to ensure the driver can see you.

Slower speed

Tractor trailers have to go at a slower speed, and their girth makes driving uphill and braking require more time to accomplish. Keeping your distance at all times decreases the chances of you being the victim of an accident.

Vulnerability to weather

Do not let the massive size of semis fool you into thinking they are stable. In fact, they are more susceptible to the effects of weather conditions, such as:

  • Wind resulting in the trailer swaying or tipping over
  • Ice leading to the truck sliding backward or sideways
  • Rain making the roads slippery, causing trucks to need more time and distance to stop

Ultimately, your safety depends on the trucker. You can be as careful as possible, but the risk of a truck crashing into you is still very real. If you become injured in a trucking accident, seek legal support from a Chicago personal injury attorney.