Resolving Illinois residents’ boating accident claims

Water sports and recreational activities such as boating and fishing are popular hobbies among Illinois residents and even for tourists who come and visit each year. Boating, or any other recreational activity, where the people on the boat have to essentially depend completely on their boat operator and instructor can also prove to be inherently dangerous at times when the necessary precautions have not been taken.

Boating accidents can lead to major problems for families and tourists who hire boats from boating companies every year. Such boating accidents can even lead to serious injuries as well as fatalities. Thus, the state authorities employ various initiatives to raise public awareness about the perils of sea. There are even federal laws in place to promote safe boating for everyone.

Boating accident victims who suffer from serious injuries can often be left with lifelong impairments and disabilities. Thus, boating companies must follow all rules and guidelines especially when they take on paying customers who depend on them for their safety. Boating companies have also been sued by victims of boating accidents on the grounds that the boating company or their boat operator had been negligent.

Like in most negligence cases, boating accident cases also rely on tort law principles. Hence, the burden of proof in a boating accident case lies on the plaintiffs who have been injured or who have family members who have been injured. The attorneys at the Healy Scanlon Law Firm usually consult with expert witnesses in addition to conducting their own thorough investigation into the accident as well as the impugned negligence of the boating company and the operator in order to assign responsibility for the accident. This could be the firs step to take for a successful lawsuit. For more on boating accidents, visit our webpage.