Representation for victims of skiing and other injuries

Last week’s post on this blog discussed how Chicago-area residents can take precautions while skiing, either at one of Illinois’ commercial ski slopes or simply while going cross-country out in the rural areas of the state. Of course, people can engage in other fun activities well, such as snowmobiling or sledding. However, each and every one of these activities carries with it the possibility of someone getting seriously hurt.

Among other injuries, people who are participating in winter sports and recreation can experience head trauma that leads to a significant brain injury. While Illinois residents are well aware that serious brain injuries can lead to death or a permanent comatose state, even injuries that are not life-threatening can be debilitating.

Our law office has represented people who suffered brain injuries and has in the past been quite successful in obtaining compensation for our clients. With respect to winter sporting activities, we know that while some injuries are simply accidents, in other cases, there is a third party responsible. For instance, a person sledding on private property with permission can have a reasonable expectation that they are able to sled safely.

If you or your loved one start noticing that you are simply not acting the same after an accident involving winter sports, particularly if you are showing the signs of having a brain injury, it may be important to consult with an experienced Chicago-area personal injury attorney promptly in order to protect your rights and ensure you can claim any compensation to which you are entitled.