Proposed Illinois bill aims to limit water recreational accidents

Water skiing on Lake Michigan is an exhilarating activity that many Chicago residents enjoy with family and friends. Unfortunately, similar to other recreational activities, water skiing can be risky and can quickly turn into a tragedy.

Two years after a 10-year old boy was killed when he fell off his water tube and was hit by a passing boat in a water recreational accident, a Chicago legislator’s support helped pass a proposal that aims to prevent this kind of accident from reoccurring. The legislation will mandate a boater towing a skier or tuber to raise a flag if the skier or tuber falls into the water, in order to create greater awareness for other boaters. A House committee approved the proposal and it has been sent to the House floor for further debate.

Distress signals such as flags can be helpful in emergencies and can help save lives. However, it might take time before the proposed legislation becomes a law and, unfortunately, recreational accidents will continue to occur, many times because of negligence.

Chicago personal injury attorneys understand the devastating repercussions of water recreational accidents, such as jet ski and boating accident. Injuries suffered in a boating accident can be serious and often result in significant pain and suffering for a victim and his or her family. Aside from the emotional distress, a victim can have profound financial difficulties due to medical expenses, lost wages and other costs. If the victim dies, funeral costs can add up and increase the emotional turmoil of the victim’s family.

Carelessness, such as boating under the influence and inattention, can risk the safety of many people on the water. If boater negligence results in an accident, then the victim can seek compensation for his or her damages. If the victim dies, his or her family may file a wrongful death case.

Source: Daily Herald, “Lawmaker’s proposal aimed at helping water skiers,” Marty Hober, Feb. 27, 2014