Making consumer safety a priority

A Chicago resident buying a product in the United States assumes it will be safe to use or consume. Unfortunately, many consumers are injured or made ill when they use dangerous or defective products. Any Chicago products liability attorney would probably say unequivocally that consumer safety should be the most important priority for a product manufacturer. At our law firm we have a history of holding manufacturers responsible for bad products, including dangerous and defective automotive products that have injured unsuspecting residents of Chicago.

A consumer product, whether it is a laptop or makeup, can cause serious injury if it does not function according to design. In a recent incident, Wal-Mart reportedly recalled hundreds of thousands of toasters manufactured by General Electric due to a possible risk of electric shock and fire. This is just one example of how a common product used every day can put a family member at risk for injury. Consumers who use faulty exercise equipment, such as a treadmill or stationary bike, also experience greater risk of injury due to unsafe product manufacturing or design.

At our law firm we have experience handling cases involving defective automotive parts for more than two decades. The firm’s attorneys also have experience with SUV rollover accidents and defective medical products, such as artificial hip joints and defibrillators, which can cause immense pain to patients when they do not function properly.

Any Chicago resident who wants to learn more may want to visit the products liabilitypage of our website. The Healy Scanlon Law Firm works hard to attempt to ensure that consumers who have suffered as a result of defective consumer products obtain the compensation they deserve.