Let us help you with litigation based on your personal injuries

Memorial Day has come and gone and now Chicago residents are fully into the starts of their summers. As children finish their school years and parents plan vacations for their families, many individuals will be enjoying recreational activities to fill the warm hours of their days. With Lake Michigan right in many individuals’ backyards, water activities, such as boating and jet skiing, are often popular with people who wish to cool off from the season’s heat.

Unfortunately, summer is also a time when water-based accidents frequently occur. Boat collisions, jet-ski accidents and other hazards result when individuals take to the water without preparing themselves to safely engage in their chosen activities. When individuals take to the water and engage in negligent or reckless conduct, innocent individuals can suffer damages and harm.

The Healy Scanlon Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered personal injuries as a result of recreational accidents. Injuries from water-based recreational accidents can include but are not limited to head injuries, back injuries, broken bones and even death. Water-based accidents can be especially dangerous when injured victims fall into the water: drowning is a very real threat for those who are unable to pull themselves out of the water and to safety.

It is important for individuals who have suffered injuries from water-based recreational accidents to know that all cases based on these types of scenarios are different. The results of one case cannot provide a guarantee that another similar case with yield a similar result; the attorneys of the Healy Scanlon Law Firm can help injured parties work through the facts of their cases to determine how best to approach their possible legal claims. To learn more about the firm’s practice, please visit the Healy Scanlon Law Firm online at its website on personal injuries.