Is a facility operator accountable for a boating accident?

The owner of any property is responsible for making sure that the premises is well maintained and that necessary safety measures are in place to reduce the probability of an accident. The owner is also responsible for providing adequate warnings to people asking them not to enter his or her property if it is in an unsafe condition.

The laws of premises liability in Illinois, and other parts if the country, extend to cover personal as well as commercial properties. Chicago personal injury experts may have a clearer insight into how injuries connected to recreational activities can extend into a case of premises liability.

Many commercial properties allow its patrons to engage in various recreational activities such as boating or jet skiing. As such, there may be a possibility of a drowning incident as a result of a boating accident. The matter of establishing liability is such a case may be somewhat tricky. It may entirely depend on the factors surrounding and leading up to the accident. It may also be a case where nobody is clearly at fault.

However, as far as the legal liability of the premise operator is concerned, he or she may be found responsible for the death or injury of the plaintiff resulting from a boating accident if certain state and federal regulations regarding operating such a business were not adhered to.

Facilities offering such recreational activities are required by law to meet certain safety standards and failing to meet those, the operator can be held responsible for any accident in which his or her negligence can be illustrated in court.