Illinois miner dies at work

A worker can suffer a workplace accident from a variety of causes, including falls from heights or defective roof structures, or machinery or while working with dangerous tools. But, it is a tragedy if a worker dies from a workplace accident.

In Illinois construction site injuries and other fatal accidents do occur from time to time, which is why workers, along with their family members, ought to be aware of their legal rights and entitlements in case of such an accident and how best to structure their claim so as to have the maximum chance of success. A recent fatality of a young coal miner is a prime example.

Caught between a mine and a coal rib, the miner suffered internal bleeding and blunt force trauma. The incident is currently being investigated by the Mine Safety and Health Administration. This same workplace had also witnessed the death of another miner a few months back. This may raise some pertinent questions about the degree of adherence to workplace safety protocols in that complex.

In case of such fatal accidents, not only do the members of the worker’s family suffer the traumatic experience of losing a loved one, but they also lose a source of income and often incur considerable medical expenses, as well as lost wages, which collectively subjects them to financial hardship in the process. Therefore, when a worker meets with a fatal accident at his workplace, his family members may be entitled to receive compensation from the employer, especially if the death was due to negligence or lack of foresight on the employer’s part.

Source:, “Coal miner, 25, dies in southern Illinois,” May 16, 2014