Illinois med mal suits pay big, but are relatively rare

A recently published breakdown of how the state of medical malpractice suits in each of the 50 states, including Illinois, revealed this state is in what some might see as an unusual position of having relatively few medical negligence actions filed but, on the other hand, offering those that do file suits the strong possibility of getting complete and just compensation for their injuries.

In terms of the number of suits filed per 100,000 residents, Illinois ranks near the bottom of the states, with a little over 14 per every 100,000 people in state filing a medical malpractice suit. However, when it comes to the total payout of compensation for all medical malpractice claims in 2015, Illinois ranked in the top 5 with $258.2 million in compensation being paid to victims by doctors, hospitals and their insurance companies.

The $258.2 million figured marked an approximately 23.8 percent increase in total payouts when compared to the previous year. The study does not make clear, however, whether this increase was a one-time fluke because of a major lawsuit getting decided or settled or, rather, is part of an ongoing trend of rising medical malpractice costs. Many of the states surveyed actually saw substantial decreases in total payouts.

Residents of the Chicago area who suffer injury or a worsened medical condition because of the negligent actions or omissions of a doctor or other medical professional have important rights, including the right to pursue compensation. When a professional’s medical malpractice worsens someone’s existing condition, they face physical and emotional challenges that may take considerable finances to resolve and compensation can be received to cover it. A Chicago medical malpractice attorney can be of valuable assistance in this respect.