Illinois family files wrongful death suit against nursing home

Many people in Illinois are reaching retirement age and beyond. As baby boomers reach their golden years, many are finding it more difficult to take care of themselves. Therefore, because their care starts to shift to their children and grandchildren. In many cases, family members are not equipped to take proper care of aging family members. In these cases, people rely on nursing homes to take proper care of their loved ones.

While in an Illinois nursing home, family members expect that their loved one will be well taken care of. They expect that their family member will receive the day-to-day care that the person needs. In addition, people also expect that the nursing home will take care of their family member’s complicated medical needs. Often, it is both the medical needs and the day-to-day care that overwhelm a family.

However, relying on a nursing home does not always produce the best results. Sometimes, this trust is misplaced and nursing homes do more harm than good. This, was recently the case according to one Illinois family.

This family has recently filed a wrongful death suit against a nursing home in Illinois. They claim that the nursing home failed to recognize the medical needs of their loved one. As a result, the family claims that their loved one suffered a series of falls over the course of six months. The patient’s medical state was not properly diagnosed or treated by the nursing home. As a result, the family claims that the person died because of injuries suffered in a fall at the nursing home facility.

The family is suing to recover damages related to the person’s death. In a wrongful death action, like this one, families can seek compensation from negligent nursing home facilities. These families deserve to seek compensation for nursing home negligence. Families in the situation should understand their legal rights and how Illinois elder abuse laws protect them.

Source: Cook County Record, “Family blames nursing home, staff for relative’s death,” Louie Torres, May 18, 2016