Illinois boat accident causes injuries to four people

If a resident of Illinois spends leisure time involved in some form of recreational activity, that person most likely will not think about the possibility of an accident occurring, which may lead to serious injuries to himself or herself, as well as to others. Unfortunately, such accidents occur far too frequently and can cause head injuries and/or spinal injuries, which can make a victim’s life very difficult.

Recently, a speed boat and a pontoon boat collided on the Illinois River, which caused serious injury to at least four. The victims were taken to Morris Hospital & Healthcare Center to be treated for their injuries. At least ten other passengers refused any medical treatment at all. Both boats had to be towed away, although there was much more extensive damage to the speed boat.

Following the accident, the Morris Fire Protection and Ambulance District, the Minooka Fire Protection District and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources arrived at the scene. According to the Morris Fire Deputy Chief, none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. However, the current conditions of the four people who were taken to the hospital are unknown.

The accident is still under investigation. The Morris Fire Deputy Chief indicated that boating accidents are not uncommon and can be quite unpredictable. He also encouraged the boaters to exercise caution in order to avoid such accidents. If Illinois serious injuries have been suffered because of another’s negligence, the accident victim may wish to seek compensation from the liable party or parties. Such compensation may include medical expenses, lost wages, and damages for the pain and suffering that the accident victim has had to endure. An experienced attorney can be a powerful ally in bringing forth such a claim and helping a victim reach as full a recovery as possible.

Source: Morris Daily Herald, “Boat accident Saturday leaves four injured,” Jessica Bourque, May 26, 2014