Ice cream recalled from Illinois stores suspecting allergen

There is no doubt that of all the inhabitants of Illinois, there are many who savor ice cream like a delicacy. There are even such people who would go to considerable lengths and pay even a steep price to get hold of their desired flavor of ice cream. However, one can scarcely imagine the trauma and disappointment that such a person can experience if after consuming the delicacy of choice, he or she suffers from some physical problem owing to the product turning out to be defective or dangerous or owing to toxic exposure of some defective ingredient.

Consumer safety is accorded considerable significance by law and therefore, any injury caused to the consumer from an Illinois defective product may lead to filing of a lawsuit under product liability. If the producer or manufacturer of a product has any reason to believe that a product contains any feature or substance that can cause discomfort or injury to a consumer and the same has not been represented properly while the product has been sold, then the producer or manufacturer may choose to recall the product.

A case in point is an ice cream company having chosen to recall two of its special flavored brands that have been sold across several states including Illinois. The company believes that the ice cream may contain egg, which has not been declared in its labels. Eggs can, under certain circumstances, act as an allergen to several people. Therefore, the company had to recall the products even though no customer has reported any incident of having fallen ill following consumption of the ice cream.

The customers have been asked to return the product to the store they have bought it from to get a replacement or complete refund of money. It is indeed a wise choice by the company to order a recall before any customer having fallen victim to such allergy can claim heavy compensation on the ground of product liability.

If a customer has already suffered an injury due to a defective product, he or she may choose to avail the services of an experienced lawyer to stake his or her claim.

Source:, “Kroger recalls two Private Selection Ice Cream flavors,” James Limbach, May 5, 2014