How the Pool and Spa Safety Act helps Illinois residents

Public swimming pools throughout the state of Illinois provide a haven for residents to enjoy their leisure time in the water. To ensure the safety of residents who visit, public pools have the responsibility of maintaining a safe environment at their facilities on a daily basis under the Pool and Spa Safety Act. All swimming pools with public access, even swimming pools within residential complexes, are bound by the provisions of the Act.

The attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm have observed several cases of pool injuries where the swimming pool was not up to code under the act. Our highly-experienced team has had success with many personal injury cases, with record-setting verdicts sometimes amounting to multi-million dollar settlements. These settlement amounts can aid a family tremendously in countering the varied costs of an accident.

Many of the victims of such swimming poll accidents are often minor children. In such cases, the courts look into the extent of possible poor maintenance, as well as the severity of the injury to determine the amount of compensation that the victim and their family may be entitled to. Examples of poor maintenance may include a failure to comply with mandated covered drains and anti-entrapment systems required by the Pool and Spa Safety Act.

Any patron of a poorly-maintained public pool can suffer from serious injuries, including slips and falls which may produce head injuries, neck injuries and devastating brain injuries. The Pool and Spa Safety Act was enacted in order to protect the interests of Illinois residents as well as others in the United States. Those who violate portions of the act can be unintentionally putting others at risk. As a result, it’s crucial that the act is followed and that owners of pools carefully maintain their facilities.

Legal recourse for swimming pool injuries in Illinois can be found with a Chicago personal injury attorney. Such a professional can help an injured individual or their family determine if a pool-related injury was caused by another’s negligence. If so, a skilled personal injury lawyer can move forward with obtaining compensation for damages.