How is a defective product complaint filed against a seller?

Residents of Illinois will agree that purchasing any product has never been easier. A consumer can walk into a store or make a purchase by phone or online through the manufacturers’ or retail seller’s website. However, purchasing via phone or the Internet increases the chances of receiving a defective product.

Once a consumer realizes that a purchased product is defective, the first step is to notify the seller. The consumer can call or email customer service to arrange for an exchange or refund. The person can also report the issue to the company’s consumer affairs division, which oversees such complaints. The contact information is usually available on the warranty, product label or other documents provided upon purchase.

If information is not available, information can be obtained on the company website, reference books with company details or by calling 1-800-555-1212 to check if the company has a toll-free number. Manufacturer’s information can be different from the company that sold the product or who owns the brand name so be sure to contact the party responsible for the refund.

A letter can be written to the company, which could also serve as evidence of communication. The letter should contain specific product information along with documentation of purchase, defect and provide a time limit for response.

Avoid sending a sarcastic, angry or a threatening letter and provide all pertinent contact details. A copy of the letter and details of any other communication should be kept on file along with a printed screenshot of any online communication of the defect.

While any of these options are acceptable for minor issues related to defective products, advice of an Illinois defective product attorney may be beneficial if the product is dangerous and caused injuries to a loved one or oneself. Various legal options must be understood by an injured person who wants to assess a product liability case.

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