How dangerous is Chicago’s I-80?

Interstate 80 is a major thoroughfare in Illinois. This particular interstate freeway runs coast-to-coast, all the way from San Francisco in the west to New Jersey in the east. In Illinois, I-80 crosses the state from Iowa in the west, entering in Rapids City, and extends all the way to Joliet before entering Indiana.

Given that the area it crosses through in Illinois also covers the Chicago area, I-80 is the site of many accidents in the state, especially trucking accidents. So, just how dangerous is I-80 in the state of Illinois, and what do officials plan to do about it?

Safety concerns on I-80

The Illinois Department of Transportation conducted a study on safety on I-80 and found that there was an unusually high rate of crashes on bridges and due to cars stopped on the freeway’s shoulders. But these types of accidents are not the only kind that cause serious issues and accidents on I-80.

Truck accidents are also quite prevalent on this freeway. Semi trucks combined with aging pavement on the freeway can lead to dangerous crashes. In one such crash, a semi kicked up a piece of concrete and smashed a windshield, which led to the passenger having to undergo multiple surgeries and becoming permanently disabled.

Recourse for serious injuries

Truck accidents can produce some of the most devastating injuries, with resulting life-long complications and disabilities. For drivers who suffer injuries following a trucking accident, it is critical to follow the appropriate procedures to seek recourse. Big insurance companies will likely work for a quick settlement, which is not in your best interest.

Document everything related to your injury, and be sure to seek medical treatment. Do not underestimate your injuries, and make sure you follow up if you experience symptoms after the crash such as a headache, dizziness or disorientation, which could be signs of a head trauma or brain injury.

Whether driving on I-80 or any other Illinois roadway, make sure you practice defensive driving to stay safe. Trucking accidents can cause severe injuries, and as such, you should be especially cautious on major trucking thoroughfares such as I-80.