Holding companies accountable for their mistakes

Almost everyone has had the experience of purchasing a product only to find out it does not perform exactly the way a person thought it would. Some products are just plain disappointing. They break easily, or fail to live up to what they were supposed to do. Usually, these disappointments are just a fact of life.

But for some, defective products go beyond a simple disappointment. These products actually have led to serious injuries or illnesses for individuals. When a defective product is hazardous, its’ very use can result in serious lifelong consequences for the person using that product. People don’t expect the products they use to be dangerous to them. People expect that manufactures have done everything they can to make the product reasonably safe for its intended use. And, manufacturers are held to that standard.

When a hazardous product causes injuries to a consumer, the manufacturer can be held legally responsible for damages. Whether it’s a dangerous medical device, defective automotive product or otherwise hazardous consumer product, manufactures can be responsible for the costs associated with injuries caused by these products. Compensation can include money for medical expenses, funeral costs, pain and suffering, and other damage related to the defective product.

However, it’s not always easy to receive this compensation. The attorneys at the Healy Scanlon Law Firm have experience with product liability lawsuits. We understand consumer safety laws in Illinois and have made them work for our clients. As our clients have focused on the recovery from these dangerous and often surprising accidents, our legal team has worked on gathering the evidence needed to show a manufacturer was negligent. We have proven people’s injuries and the cost that these accidents have caused.

One of the important effects of product liability lawsuits is to help make sure that dangerous products are taken it off the market so they don’t hurt others, and that those people who have been injured have been compensated. For more information about our law firm and product liability lawsuits, please see our Chicago products liability webpage.