Filing a products liability lawsuit following an injury

Most Illinois residents purchase consumer goods on a fairly regular basis. Many of these goods are supposed to be harmless. In fact, people often expect them to be good for them. Products like clothing, food and children’s toys are supposed to carry little or no risk to consumers.

Some products, on the other hand, do carry inherent risks. Cars, power tools and appliances, for example, can be dangerous to use in certain situations. However, people expect the risks to be mitigated when people use these products as they are intended. In other words, they don’t expect to get injured by these products if they are using them for the purpose they were made for and if they are using them carefully.

Despite these expectations, many consumer products cause injuries to people in Illinois. Sometimes products are manufactured incorrectly, other times they contain dangerous chemicals or bacteria or they can even suffer from fatal design flaws. When this happens people can suffer serious injuries and incur great expense.

In these cases, it can be beneficial for consumers in Illinois to turn to an attorney, like those at our law firm. Our experienced attorneys understand product liability laws and whether or not they apply in certain cases. We can help people enforce their rights and hold companies responsible when consumer safety is compromised.

Filing a product liability lawsuit can be a challenging process — especially as people try to recover from devastating injuries and accidents. Our attorneys can help people sort through the legal jargon to get people the compensation they need. For more information about our law firm and product liability laws, see our website.