Fatal brain injuries could result from another’s negligence

While many recreational activities such as sporting activities, boating, skiing or riding an all-terrain vehicles are fun, disaster can strike when an accident occurs. One common injury suffered in such accidents is a traumatic brain injury. While a Chicago personal injury attorney can educate individuals in Illinois about the laws surrounding fatal brain injury cases, it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of such injuries, so that prompt legal and medical help can be sought.

In general, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur when a person suffers an impact to his or her head or his or her head is shaken. This could be if something strikes a person’s head, if a person’s head strikes an object or if something breaks through a person’s skull. Such injuries affect the individual’s brain tissue by causing it to become bruised, torn or swollen. In the worst of circumstances, a TBI could be fatal.

What are some symptoms of a TBI? First of all, a person who suffers a TBI may be unable to think clearly and their memory may be faulty, particularly when presented with new information. Pain-wise, their head may hurt, they may have issues with their eyesight or they may feel dizzy. Mentally, they may experience anger, sadness or nervousness. In addition, they may find that they are very tired or just the opposite — that they do not need as much rest as usual.

When a person suffers a TBI, they could incur significant medical and rehabilitation expenses, especially if the injury was severe. Moreover, a person could pass away from a TBI, leaving their loved ones behind to deal with their grief and their financial losses. When fatal injuries are due to another person’s negligent actions, it is important for the families of TBI victims to seek the legal help they need to cope with the many financial damages they have suffered due to the injury that lead to their loved one’s death.

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