Cook County woman files suit after husband develops skin wounds

When a loved one needs medical care, it is important that their specific health conditions are carefully taken into account. Improper or negligent care may not only lead to a worsened condition — in some cases it can be deadly.

A woman from Cook County, Illinois, has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Chicago medical facility and a physician, saying that these entities failed to prevent her husband from incurring skin wounds while he was under their care. The woman’s husband was under the professional care of the physician and medical facility’s care from November 2013 to February 2014. He developed a particular type of ulcer over a substantial amount of his body. According to the woman, these ailments were directly caused by the defendant’s negligence in providing care by staff that were adequately trained. The woman’s husband passed away soon after.

This lawsuit serves as a grim reminder that although an individual enters the hospital expecting to receive optimal care, the reality can fall far short. Time pressures, inadequate training and other forms of negligence can all lead to improper care that further injures an individual or can even lead to that individual’s death.

When this happens, the deceased’s loved ones may want to consider their financial options. After all, they may be facing a mountain of medical costs relating to their loved one’s death. Pursuing a wrongful death suit may be one option to look into. Through a wrongful death suit, individuals can seek the financial resources they need to cover their expenses during a difficult time. A Chicago medical malpractice attorney may be able to explain more about wrongful death suits in Illinois.

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