Consumer safety recall of yogurt-covered Craisins

If a dangerous or defective product in Chicago manages to reach a consumer and causes harm, the manufacturer, as well as the retailer, cannot escape liability for any injury caused to the consumer. The principal aim of product liability laws is to secure consumer safety by penalizing any action that may compromise the consumer.

On certain occasions, the manufacturer may have reason to believe that any product produced by them may pose a threat to the consumer or subject them to toxic exposure. It would then be prudent for the manufacturer to recall the product or batch of products concerned before they can cause any actual injury or illness to a consumer. If such injury or illness occurs, the consumer will be in a position to claim a hefty compensation from the manufacturer, which is what product recalls seek to prevent. An example of such product recall has been recently witnessed in Chicago, where the Ocean Spray firm has recalled two batches of Greek yogurt covered Craisins, dried cranberries.

The recall began when the firm received a few complaints about the products containing yogurt covered peanuts. While there has not been any news of any consumer having fallen ill after consuming those peanuts, the firm chose to act cautiously and offered the recall. According to a report, a co-packer in Chicago producing these two batches, and the firm learned that some yogurt covered peanuts may have been packaged, along with the two batches of Craisins.

These products were distributed to retail stores throughout the country, including Illinois. According to Ocean Spray, this was a mere isolated incident, and the company is confident they have taken sufficient steps to address the problem. Meanwhile, if a consumer has consumed any product from these batches and suffered from a side-effect, the consumer may choose to file a Chicago products liability lawsuit against the firm, as well as the retailer who supplied the product. By doing so, the product liability victim may be able to obtain a fair and just compensation.

Source: Food Quality News, “Ocean Spray recalls Greek yogurt covered Craisins in 24 states,” June 6, 2014