Construction sites pose many risks to life and limb for workers

People in Illinois who work in the construction industry understand that they can find themselves in some of the most dangerous workplaces. A construction site can present a variety of risks, ranging from cuts and crush injuries to falls and electrocutions. No matter the risk presented to workers, construction sites are required by federal and state law to have all necessary safety measures in place and to post notices of the potential dangers to workers.

A fall is very likely to lead to serious injury or death in any construction accident. A worker can fall from defective scaffolding, an unsecured wall, a slippery roof or unprotected staircases. Defective construction equipment also causes many workplace accidents. Although many types of tools are inherently dangerous because of their working parts and their physical actions, those that have defects such as missing shields or eyeguards are even more dangerous and can maim or kill in an instant.

Fortunately, Illinois workers who sustain injuries while doing their normal work on the job can obtain workers’ compensation benefits. Filing for such a claim, however, is not always easy and requires strictly following state guidelines, including reporting an injury at the earliest opportunity and seeing an approved health care professional. Other aspects of the application process, however, can be complicated, which is why many workers consult an attorney who can guide them through the process.

While workers’ compensation provides benefits to help a worker pay bills, it also restricts a worker from filing a personal injury lawsuit against his or her employer. In certain circumstances, however, filing a lawsuit against a third party who is responsible for an unsafe tool may be possible, provided there is enough evidence. In these situations, an experienced construction site injury lawyer can help a victim and the victim’s family to recover compensation.