Chicago victims of medical malpractice may need legal help

The number of people affected by medical malpractice in Chicago and across the nation is staggering. In fact, in November 1999, the Institute of Medicine estimated that anywhere from between 44,000 to 98,000 individuals lost their lives annually due to otherwise preventable medical mistakes. In addition, many individuals will be injured due to medical errors that never should have happened.

What type of medical mistakes could a person suffer at the hands of a negligent physician or hospital? Some examples include the failure or delay in diagnosis, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication mistakes, birth injuries and incorrect use of medical equipment.

Those who are affected by medical malpractice understandably have many concerns and may be confused about their legal rights. This is when seeking the advice of a Chicago medical malpractice attorney can be of the utmost importance.

The professionals at Healy Scanlon Law Firm understand the challenges medical malpractice victims and their families face. They have successfully represented clients who have suffered injuries due to the negligent actions of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, prescription drug companies and other health care organizations.

Our attorneys are experienced in analyzing the credentials of medical professionals, the protocols of health care facilities and medical records in order to assess what the proper standard of care should have been and calculate the appropriate damages. To learn more, check out our law firm’s website for general legal information. This could help individuals better understand his or her situation so they can make a timely and informed decision.