Agency fines company after work-related death

Employers in Illinois and throughout the country should take workplace safety seriously. They should follow safety regulations that have been adopted at the state and federal levels to keep workers safe from dangerous tools and other issues. These regulations have been enacted in order to try and reduce the number of serious injuries to workers. However, many companies still fail to follow even the most basic safety guidelines, and in the process they put their employees at risk. Sadly, this can cost workers their lives.

One company that employs workers in Illinois is facing a sanction by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration following the death of a worker last October. According to reports, a man was killed after he entered a confined railway car where the air quality had not been tested. The man also did not have a lifeline attached to his harness so he could be rescued in case of emergency.

Following this accident, OSHA has cited the company with several safety violations. Apparently, this is not the first time that OSHA has had to cite the company for workplace safety violations. Citations include four serious citations, three repeat citations and two willful citations. As a result of these citations, the company has been fined $226,310.

While fines and citations can help to improve safety for future employees, they do little to comfort the family of the fatal workplace accident victims. These individuals should understand they may have legal rights. In some cases, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate when the workplace accident has taken the life of a loved one. Families of Chicago work-related death victims in this situation should understand their legal options.

Source: OH&S, “Tank Cleaner Fined $226,310 After Worker’s Death in Confined Space,” April 12, 2016