Woman hit by bus at O’Hare

There are few places busier than airports. Between fliers rushing among the terminals to catch flights and buses shuttling people to and from terminal and hotels, pedestrians and vehicles are always in close proximity to each other. It’s important that everyone, both drivers and pedestrians, pay attention to their surroundings so people are not injured. A recent bus accident at the airport shows what can happen if someone isn’t paying attention or gets distracted.

On Nov. 19 at O’Hare International Airport, a woman who authorities report is in her 40s was struck by a bus shuttling passengers from the airport to a local hotel. According to witnesses, the woman was struck, dragged approximately 20 feet and then pinned by the bus. A group of men lifted the bus to relieve the pressure the bus was placing on the woman’s side until emergency crews arrived. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Authorities cited the 50-year-old bus driver for striking a pedestrian in the roadway. A witness however, stated that the woman was using her cellphone and looking in another direction when she stepped out into the road. The witness also stated that the woman was not in a crosswalk.

Authorities did not comment on the witness’ statement, so it’s unknown what kind of bearing, if any, it will have on the case against the bus driver. It is possible that other witnesses did not corroborate the first witness or there are other extenuating circumstances. However, this does not mean the woman cannot seek compensation for her injuries and other expenses. Anyone who suffers injuries can avail themselves of the legal system and request damages for injuries and expenses incurred due to an accident. A legal professional experienced in these types of cases can help a person determine if seeking compensation is in their best interests.

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