Two workers killed in Illinois plant explosion

According to the law in Illinois, every employer should ensure that the workplace is free from all known dangers. The employer should train employees on proper safety procedures and also warn them of the possible dangers at work. However, an Illinois construction site injury or accidents resulting from dangerous tools or falls from heights can still occur. Recently, two men were killed and another was injured at an Illinois recycling company.

According to sources, the recycling company recycles many items for industrial contractors, including military shells. Last month, a mortar shell went off during the recycling process. The police chief and fire department of Granite City were informed of this explosion in the early morning hours. However, they were not able to immediately respond to the incident due to safety concerns. Two workers were killed in the incident, while a third worker was sent to a St. Louis hospital.

It was determined that some type of mortar round caused the explosion. The area was then declared unsafe and the bomb squad, as well as other agencies and the secretary of state were contacted.

This was not the first incident that has occurred at the recycling company. According to records, in 2011 and 2012, the company was cited by OSHA for serious violations in relation to lead and respirators. However, the recycling plant has indicated that this explosion was an isolated incident and that plant operations would resume. The company also said that the general public was not in danger because of the incident.

A safe workplace motivates employees to work better, but a workplace accident can devastate the lives of many. The family of a victim can file a claim for compensation for the loss of their loved one. Correct evidence and documentation can help them hold negligent parties liable for the family’s loss.

Source:, “Victims of recycling plant explosion identified,” Sanford Schmidt, Aug. 26, 2014