Texting while driving culprit of labor day weekend auto accidents

It’s unfortunate that after a long holiday weekend, auto accidents and fatalities occur. And this past Labor Day weekend was no different. Many times, however, individuals celebrating an extended time off get behind the wheel of a car after having a few too many drinks. However, several motor vehicle accidents occurred in the Chicago area last weekend, but the main culprit this time was cellphone usage.

According to reports from WBBM Newsradio, a driver ended up in a ditch near East County Liner and Barber Geren on Sunday after admitting to the DeKalb County Sherriff’s Office that he was attempting to plug in his phone when he lost control of his car.

On Monday, a woman hit a tree near Simms Street on Lincoln Avenue after texting while driving. Investigators determined that she had dropped her phone and was attempting to reach for it before the collision.

Another driver smashed into two parked cars and flipped his own vehicle at Long Meadow Drive and Route 34 on Monday after also attempting to pick up his phone after dropping it on the floor of his vehicle.

All drivers were cited for various reasons and all received tickets. Fortunately, no one was injured in these instances. However, texting while driving and other distracted driving behaviors involving mobile devices are on the rise that do involve serious injuries and fatalities to both drivers and innocent passengers.

Hopefully, continued public awareness will help educate citizens of the seriousness of this nationwide problem.

Source: CBS Chicago, “Cell Phone Use While Driving Blamed For 3 Holiday Weekend Accidents,” Sep. 5, 2012