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Tag: surgical errors

Surgical errors can leave patients with objects in their bodies

Every day, many residents of Chicago, Illinois, undergo surgical procedures and many of these come with inherent risks. One of the new developing risks that have been concerning patients is when doctors or other health care providers leave objects inside …

Misdiagnoses a common issue in Chicago and throughout U.S.

Scientific technology, including technology in the medical field, has improved dramatically in the last decade. With advances in equipment, it is unfortunate that there are still several cases of Chicago medical malpractice and incidents involving bad prescriptions, incorrect medical procedures and medical …

New system could reduce medical negligence across the country

In Chicago, Illinois, residents have heard news before of patients who were wronged by doctors. Failure to diagnose a disease could lead to inappropriate treatment, which could cause serious injuries and fatalities to patients. Chicago medical malpractice often leads to the endangerment …