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Tag: negligence

CTA seemingly tries to deflect blame for O’Hare train accident

The O’Hare Airport train accident remains a major story in the news, with new details and revelations emerging almost daily. The train’s operator did admit to dozing off just prior to the crash, but it seems clear that hers was …

Train-crossing accident in suburb of Chicago ends without injury

The especially harsh winter hitting the Midwest this year is causing more than a few problems for Chicagoans and others throughout Illinois. Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures often combine to create significant travel hazards and raise the risk of …

Illinois man dies in work-related accident while working on barge

Often, work-related deaths occur on construction sites due to the heavy equipment and dangerous conditions on those sites. However, work-related deaths are not limited to construction accidents only. They may also occur in offices, warehouses and other types of workplaces. …