Safe splash pad construction in Chicago

With summer in full force, many residents in Illinois are looking for ways to cool off in the heat. While some people may think about going to public pools, other people are taking a non-traditional route. Splash pads have become more popular in recent years. These spraying parks can be fun for children and families of all ages. They can appear safer then pools since the water is typically shallow.

However, splash pads need to be built correctly in order to prevent recreational injuries to the young children and families that use these facilities. Without the correct safety measures in place, people can suffer serious injuries within a splash pad.

The safety measures begin with the construction of the splash pad. Designers and construction crews need to be aware of these important safety features. For example, the play surfaces within the splash pad should have no more than eight percent slope. Additionally, materials used in the splash pad should be non-slip in order to try and prevent falls while children are playing. These playgrounds should also be designed to avoid stagnant water or retain water deeper than 15 centimeters.

The design should also include backflow prevention and appropriate grating in order to avoid pool like suction in the drains. Additionally, the equipment should be designed in a way where it can be maintained and sanitized regularly.

By properly designing and maintaining splash pads, they can be a fun recreational activity for families in Illinois. However, such activities can also lead to dangerous injuries for individuals. When this occurs, people should understand their legal rights. When recreational activities result in injuries, a lawsuit may be appropriate. Individual should consider speaking with a Chicago personal injury attorney for more specific legal advice.