Roofing Injuries/Accidents

There are few jobs that put workers at greater risk of injury than roofing. If you have been injured on the job, contact our lawyers for a free initial consultation. We will take the time to answer your questions and provide you with information about your rights.

At Healy Scanlon Law Firm in Chicago, our attorneys represent both union and nonunion construction and roofing workers in Chicago and greater Illinois.

Protecting Your Health and Your Future

Roofing is heavy work performed in a dangerous environment. Some of the injuries that affect roofing workers include:

If you have suffered a serious injury, your body needs time to heal. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation carrier may not give you that time. Your insurance carrier can stop your benefits at any time by claiming you are no longer injured or your injury is not work-related. It often takes a lawyer’s help to obtain the medical and wage replacement benefits you deserve.

If you suffer permanent impairment, you are entitled to a lump-sum payment for the percentage of disability that you have suffered. Our lawyers can put you in the strongest possible position to obtain a fair settlement.

Learn more about your rights as an injured worker:

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act FAQs

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