ATV Accidents


Yamaha Rhino ATVs and similar products by other manufacturers such as the Polaris Ranger are ATVs with side-by-side seating. These vehicles pose a serious risk of rollover at low speeds and on flat terrain due to their high, narrow and short construction. Although equipped with seat belts, and sometimes roll cages, these vehicles are potentially unsafe.

Yamaha admits that the Rhino can roll over on “flat, open areas” and recommends that they not be driven on pavement. However, some Polaris Ranger models can be equipped with lights and are street-legal in some states.

Yamaha has begun retrofitting older ATVs with doors and handgrips that are designed to prevent riders’ legs coming out of the vehicle during rollover free of charge. Some dealers sell aftermarket equipment such as door nets, roll bars, cargo racks and accessories that may not protect riders.

In addition to rollover accidents, Healy Scanlon Law Firm has received reports of injuries caused by defective wheels, axles and brakes on both Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger ATVs.