Personal Injury Newsletters

Torts in Basketball

Basketball players and spectators may be injured during the course of a basketball game. In certain situations, they may be able to recover in a negligence action for their injuries.

Appropriation Lawsuits

Privacy is the general right to be left alone and free from unwanted publicity. There are four well-established lawsuits for invasion of privacy: appropriation, false light, intrusion, and disclosure. This article gives examples of appropriation lawsuits. Appropriation is defined as the use of a person’s name, likeness, or personality for the benefit of another. Defenses include that the matter is public or that the person who’s privacy was invaded gave consent

Torts in Football

Football is the prototypical contact sport in which participants may suffer many injuries. In addition, there is the potential for spectators to be injured during the course of the game. This article addresses situations in which spectators and participants may recover in a tort action for injuries that they suffer as a result of viewing a football game or participating in such a contest.

Immunity among Members of the Armed Forces

Members of the armed forces are generally immune from liability for tort actions that may be brought by other members of the armed forces. Such type of immunity is referred to as intra-military immunity or the Feres doctrine.


When a municipality is acting within its governmental capacity or is performing a governmental function, such as providing water or utility services, it is generally not liable for negligence with regard to the governmental function. However, if the municipality is acting in a proprietary manner, that is, when it owns or maintains real or personal property, the municipality may be liable for the negligence of its representatives, agents, and employees.