Motorcycle rider dies in I-55 U-Haul wreck

A tragic motorcycle wreck has left an Illinois man dead after he collided with a vehicle that had quickly slowed down due to dense traffic. The victim, age 75, is just one of many Illinois residents to die in motorcycle accidents every year, thanks to inattentive and negligent motorists. The man died on Dec. 1 at about 12:30 p.m. after he struck the back end of a trailer that abruptly slowed in front of him. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision.

Authorities report that the driver of a U-Haul trailer was also involved in the I-55 wreck. That man quickly slowed down because of increased traffic on the road. The motorcyclist was riding with one vehicle between himself and the trailer. When the vehicle between the trailer and the motorcyclist quickly switched lanes, the rider plowed into the U-Haul. It appears that the motorcycle rider did not have enough time to stop in the dense traffic.

Emergency responders were dispatched to the scene for a significant period of time, with three firefighters staying on the scene for over an hour. Authorities say that an investigation into the wreck is ongoing, though it does not appear that the driver of the U-Haul is facing criminal charges at this time.

Even though the driver of the U-Haul may not be subject to criminal penalties in this case, he could still be found to be at fault in the accident in a civil court. The burden of proof for plaintiffs in civil court is significantly less than that required in a criminal proceeding. If the defendants can prove that the U-Haul driver was at all negligent, he could be required to provide civil compensation. Relatives of such victims may seek financial damages for wrongful death, loss of consort and a variety of other civil claims.

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