Lawyers championing products liability lawsuits in Illinois

Under Illinois law, if dangerous or defective products are manufactured and sold, the company who manufactured the products may be liable for any injuries caused by the products. Products liability lawsuits are based on the common law principle of negligence. The attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm have had decades of experience in defending the rights of products liability victims in the state.

One of the major determinants in deciding products liability lawsuits is whether the product was actually defective or damaged. Furthermore, the petitioner must have suffered an injury due to the defect in the product. Product liability may also extend to products that do not have sufficient warnings on the labels informing the consumers about allergens or any other dangers.

Products liability lawsuits make the manufacturer liable for only those injuries that could be reasonably foreseen as a result of the defect or danger in the product. Safety of the consumers must be a primary concern for all manufacturers launching a product in the open market. In the rush to make more money, companies often overlook safety regulations prescribed under Illinois law.

Victims of products liability can include people of all ages. Children’s toys are often found to be dangerous. Defective medical products may also cause tremendous damage to the consumer. The victims of such products may face significant hardships when trying to establish blame and assign responsibility to the manufacturer of the product. The attorneys at Healy Scanlon Law Firm can help those injured by defective products.