Lawsuit filed to ensure consumer safety across the country

Illinoisans know there are cases when products are recalled by the manufacturers. These products – cars, toys, appliances – are sometimes recalled because of potential hazards, which could cause serious injuries and even fatalities to individuals. Once there is an Illinois defective product, consumers are advised to inform the authorities so that the latter can spread the news and prevent possible accidents.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission works to prevent injuries to and deaths of consumers from defective and unsafe commercial products. On December 5, the CPSC filed a lawsuit against Baby Matters. Baby Matters is the name behind Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill infant recliners. The CPSC received more than 70 reports citing children who suffered injuries after falling from one of the two products. Four baby deaths were also recorded from the usage of Nap Nanny and one fatality in the Nap Nanny Chill recliner. There were also injuries due to the improper use of the products.

Baby Matters voluntarily recalled their defective products back in 2011 after a four-month infant allegedly died and 22 other reports of infants hanging or falling from the baby recliners. According to the complaint filed by the CPSC, the manufacturer failed to address critical issues during the previous recall, and that failure resulted in more injuries and casualties among infants.

Furthermore, the suit filed by the CPSC demands that the manufacturer should inform consumers about the products’ defects and provide affected consumers with full refunds.

Families who experienced injuries or fatalities because of defective products may also file claims against the manufacturer of a product. Through evidence provided by consumers, a court can decide there were defects that caused the injuries or fatality. The plaintiff may receive compensation for medical expenses and could also receive pain and suffering damages. Results may vary depending on the case.

Source: Examiner, “Nap Nanny manufacturer sued, product blamed in 5 infant deaths,” Gillian Burdett, Dec. 6, 2012