Jet Ski Accidents Led to Five Injuries in Chicago Suburbs

Now that summer is officially upon us, many Chicagoans are spending their free time on the water, participating in all of the popular outdoor activities the season has to offer. With the enjoyment of such activities, though, comes the need for increased vigilance to ensure the safety of all those appreciating the nice weather.

Riding jet skis is one common recreational activity this time of year; however, as with many similar pastimes, jet ski use involves some risk of personal injuries. Unfortunately, two recent accidents highlighted the potential dangers jet skis pose both to those riding on them and those being pulled behind on tubes or water skis.

This past weekend, five people were injured on Fox River in two separate jet ski accidents.

The first occurred on Saturday afternoon, when a man pulling two children on a tube behind his jet ski hit the mirror of another person’s wave runner. Reportedly, both children sustained minor injuries after being thrown out of the tube.

The second accident occurred on Sunday afternoon, when a powerboat smashed into a jet ski. Three individuals suffered minor injuries as a result of the accident and were taken to a nearby hospital.

A law enforcement official noted, “With the warmer weather, there has been an increase of watercraft on the river. Operators are encouraged to use extra caution and be watchful of others.”

For those who have been injured in a jet ski, or other recreational vehicle, accident, a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can provide guidance as to how to proceed with a cause of action.

Source: 89 WLS, “Five injured in Fox River jet ski accidents,” June 18, 2012.